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The origin of Restoration Heights Church began when JT and Laura Meyer got married in 2011 when, halfway through their honeymoon, they accidentally ended up in Cleveland. This accident changed their lives. Spending time wandering around the city, they began to fall in love with it, and dreaming about one day starting a church in Cleveland. After their honeymoon, they returned to their home in the greater Columbus area, where JT was a pastor for a Vineyard church since 2008 and Laura served and led in a volunteer capacity. Over the years, they would spend long weekends and anniversaries in Cleveland, while their love for the city deepened. They would continue explore the idea of one day relocating and starting a new church. In 2019, what had started as a dream began to form into more of a reality.  They began to feel a call from the Lord; a call not just for the city of Cleveland, but a call to start a multicultural church in the Heights area of Cleveland. With the support of their church, friends, and family, the Meyer family began to move forward in the planning stages. In the summer of 2020, JT, Laura, and their daughter Olive, moved to Cleveland Heights and officially launched Restoration Heights Church in 2022.

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